Long Arms Selfie Sticks From Japan

image via omocoro

When you travel alone, it is quite embarrassing if you snap a picture of you alone. Your act, maybe will look like an idiot by the public when you make strange poses. To solve this matter, you need normal people to help you to snap a picture, but you might be so embarrassed to ask the public because you are super handsome or too pretty hence people will vomit blood after they saw your face. LOL!

▼The blueprint?
image via omocoro
 ▼Mysterious hands from love doll?
 image via omocoro
 Wow! That was so long.
 image via omocoro

Therefore selfie stick is super popular, especially for forever alone tourist or traveler when they travel to foreign countries and to "show off" their picture in the Instagram or Facebook said that they already went there and blah blah.. Using selfie stick is quite embarrassing if your shyness level max to the WTF level.

▼Standby mode.
image via omocoro
 ▼Selfie mode.
 image via omocoro
 ▼Weird mode.
image via omocoro
A forever alone genius name Mansun from Japan, just create an unbelievable long selfie stick know as "selfie arms" for perfect and unique self photo without embarrassing himself. His selfie arms who looks ridiculous were built by attaching a selfie stick and a weird flexible plastic hand. He hid the selfie stick under his modified long hand shirt. It looks like an octopus hand, if we look closely.

I'm so damned handsome too.
image via omocoro
 ▼WTF is that?
 image via omocoro
 I'm the new "Fantastic 4" plastic man.
image via omocoro

His invention got an " A+" when he tried out his long selfie arm in public and no one was noticed! Really? If no one didn’t notice his invention, why I made a story about his invention in Asia Smack? I think maybe the public so scary to ask him because he is mad or a mysterious serial killer. Kidding.

Source: omocoro.jp
Image : omocoro.jp

What do you think about his inventions?

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A Pink Chorong Apologizes For Her ‘Play for Paris’ Instagram Mistake

image via tumblr.com

Paris shooting tragedy has shocked the world. Lots of people give a moral support to the victims in the incident and also to the France peoples in their Facebook, Instagram or twitter by writing the sympathy. Korean celebrities were included. Unfortunately "A Pink" singer group, Park Chorong has made people angry and asked her to apologize when she wrote, "Play for Paris" in her Instagram. What!?

▼ My bad, sorry- Chorong
image via chuutalk.com

 ▼ My lips look like Donald Duck.
image via twimg.com

Actually Chorong intends to write in Instagram "Pray for Paris" and instead write "Play for Paris." Is that she was thinking? Does she think that murderer was a game, like playing a paintball game? In fact, she made a fail typo mistake, some netizen maybe thinking that she makes a joke about Paris incident.

▼ Still quack, quack..
image via kpopselca.com

Chorong realized she had made a typo mistake when her instagram was going viral on the Korean net. "I realized through SMS from friends," she said. "I'm really stupid, I'm not the person who uploaded something without knowing the spelling. I don't know the reason I wrote in that way. I just suddenly wrote it and it was wrong, this is my mistake. I was also surprised and shock to see it. But the one letter error makes a bad meaning. I apologize, also I'll be careful in the next post in the future. I apologize to all my fans, "wrote Chorong.

 ▼I'm Queen of duck face.
 image via fanpop.com

Sometimes spelling mistakes cannot be tolerated. But in Asia, some Chinese, Japanese and Korean peoples when they speak in English, if some sentences have a letter "R", they will pronunciation the letters "R" to "L". Example, from "Lorry" to "Loli" (Lolita?). Got it? Hopefully we also more careful when writing something to the public.

Source: chuutalk.com
Image :  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Can we call Park Chorong is the Korean queen of duck face?


Funny Japanese Otaku And His Doll

image via twitter
Otaku (Japan word) is meant for someone who is really fanatic and crazy with the game, anime, computer or certain items that affect their social life. Most Otaku comes from Japan, others otaku come from foreign countries. Some of them, love and fanatic an item or anime merchandise, and not a  ashamed to show their interest, although there are people around them.

▼"Stay still, somebody was taking our photos"
 image via twitter

▼"Damn, I'm so tired to serve you my love, Zzzz...."
 image via twitter

From a twitter toto_sh1, an interesting and weird Otaku photo and his inflated doll, was travelling to Asakusa using a subway train and have an unforgettable moment forever through his journey to that place. Maybe they are a coolest couple was celebrating a unique, private and special anniversary together.
 image via twitter

After they arrived at Asuksa, they did all the tourist activities, such as taking a picture, taking Japanese rickshaw, enjoy delicious and tasty ice cream and asked the popular caricatures artist  to draw their caricatures.

▼"I'll quit my job if I met with them again"
 image via twitter

▼"I love you so much, plastic"
 image via twitter

▼"They are the weird couple that I've ever drawn in 2015"
 image via twitter

 image via twitter

Unfortunately, after having a happy and unforgettable memories with his beautiful doll, this Otaku forget to blow an air to his doll and the happy ending turn to disaster ending. So sad.

▼"Noooo...you're not my father Darth Vader!"
image via twitter

Source :  twitter via toto_sh1
Image:  twitter toto_sh1
Do you think that he needs a real woman?
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