Alfin Lestari name suddenly becomes popular to Indonesian netizens when she bravely to stop a few of motorbikes from using the pedestrian walk area at peak hours at Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta. The 32-year-old woman did not budge from his position even threatened by a motorcyclist who entered the sidewalk. "I don't care who they are, they already have their own road, but still insist wanted to use the sidewalk," she said. Alfin take his own action because she frustrated with motorists who violate traffic rules.

Managers of an electronics store in Hanoi have spoken up the controversial using a group of women in bikini helping a customer park his motorbike, standing and waving next to the products at his shop, claiming they were only filming "sex education videos". He also says “Young Vietnamese people have not been provided with appropriate sex education, so we want to make a series of sex education videos,”.

Indonesian villager mistook inflatable sex toy is an angel after the doll was found in March floating in the sea by a fisherman in the Banggai islands in Sulawesi province. One family has taken care of the doll and wearing the doll with hijab and claims it was an angel including how it was found "stranded and crying" alone, prompting the police investigation.

Do you love to see a girls or women legs? Well, there is good news for you, you can visit a Yuria exhibition located at STUDIO GALLERY TODAY in Tokyo, Japan. This event was organized by the Japanese photographer named Yuria. The exhibition of the photos more than 1000 girls legs without showing their face. The first exhibition was very popular and by the popular demand, it was held again for the second time. More than 2,500 visitors visited only for 10 days.

A fried chicken restaurant businessman in Seoul, South Korea was ordered to pay 14.5 million won (USD 12,900) to the Louis Vuitton company after using the brand for his restaurant. The owner, identified as Kim gave the name, Louis Vuitton Dak. Tongdak means 'chicken' in Korean. He has also printed the Louis Vuitton logo in a napkin and box packaging for takeaway orders.

This gore photo shows the face of a killer selfie next to the victim with the blood spreading on the floor have attracted the attention of  Thai netizens. At first glance, we might think there was a homicide case and the killer face looks so cold-blooded. Hey, don't judge her too soon, actually she just washed his friends' hair on the floor after coloring hair! Creative prank ideas for this upcoming April Fool. Got you!

 A member of the group dangdut Duo Serigala, Ovi Sovianti wants to divorce from her husband after her husband spread their wedding photos on the Internet. She said the main reason she asked for divorce because her husband had broken his promise to keep the secret of their marriage to the public. She didn't want the public or her fans knew their marriage because she feared that marriage would affect his career. They were married on June 27, 2014. The member Duo Serigala was Ovi Sovianti dan Pamela Safitri.

 Photo sharing in Thai social media showed the step of Plastic Surgery from a young man to become a sexy girl had attracted the attention of Thai Netizen. The owner said that he felt like a woman from inside his body. He started a small surgery cost is 6,000 Baht. The nose cost is 8,000 Baht and chin to look more slender for the cost of 12,000 Baht.

 The Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Ayutthaya, south Thailand, were hosting the international exhibition '1600 Pandas' and three of the elephants were painted as pandas for publicity stunt. So adorable and cute big 'panda'.

 A photo of sales staff in China often sleeps anywhere in the store even at the noon. Maybe they are tired or fatigued to serve the customers or maybe they're playing mahjong at night and tired after scoop a shrimp at Thailand restaurant. LOL!