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Gigantic Glass Viewing Platform In China

Gigantic glass viewing platform to open 820 feet above China's Wulong Park. A vertigo-inducing glass floor, alleged to be Asia's largest viewing platform, is due to open in above Karst Valley in Wulong National Geological Park, in south-west China in October, during the week the country celebrates National Day.

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Johor Doctor Selfie In Labour Room

From a facebook comment :
"I am appalled by the level of stupidity and arrogance of your junior doctor in one of the government hospital in Johor Bahru. This picture was shown to me by one of my friend, apparently this mother is having some sort of obstetrics emergency, and instead of taking the matter seriously, they opted to take photo.

This kind of behaviour and inconsiderate action has deeply offended me and the people that I have shown the picture to. The most ridiculous part is, the whole private area is involved in the picture. I honestly don’t see any sense of victorious contrary to her hand sign.

“Please take this thing seriously and render the necessary punishments towards them, and salvage the already failing level of quality in the Malaysian doctors. I am sincerely considering of forwarding this picture to the main social media / major newspaper channels. I am quite sure they will be very much interested in investigating into the whole issue."

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Japanese 'Soror' Group Singer Doing Bikini Catwalk Age 11

A young Japanese idol group named "Soror" has attracted Japanese Netizen when the group member age is between 5 and 11 years old. In Japan is quite normal when an idol doing a bikini catwalk including Nakamura Tina. They're so cute and adorable.

They are (refer the pic above) -Arita Aki (rarai) (pink) age 10 -Yamaguchi Yukaridan (blue) age 7 -Nakamura tina (red) age 11 -Yamaguchi Murasakihime age 5 (yunon) (orange) - Kikuchi Arisa (purple).

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The Only Female Soldiers' Formation At China's V-Day Parade

With members from Bethune Military Medical College, “Bethune Medical Formation” is the only female soldiers’ formation that will appear at China’s V-Day Parade. This formation also took part in China’s National Day military parades held in 1984, 1999 and 2009.

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Miss Korea Sexy Back 2015 Contest

Miss Sexy Back 2015 contest was held at the AX-Korea Concert Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Aug. 6,2015. Lee So-dam won the title of first runner-up. A total of 25 finalists competed in the final contest. 

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Amazing Yoga From Korea

Many people like to practice yoga, you can be thin and can reduce fat. There are many online video tutorials to teach people to practice yoga. This two South Korean men and women working together to demonstrate yoga moves, including an unexpected position that can make you say WTF. However, she is hot!

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Comiket 88 Cosplay 2015

Comiket 88 is now starting again on August 14, 15 and 16, 2015. Comiket 88 has plenty of awesome cosplays, sexy cosplay and weird cosplay too.

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