Unexpected marketing using a young girl wearing a sexy lingerie and holding a banner on the Lexus car cause a mass traffic jam in Saigon street. Many people, especially man are curious to know the ads, follow the car on the crowded street. The banner said Aesthetic Workshop Korean Technology 2016 will be held on 23rd July at Gem Center. Some people said, this girl has done plastic surgery from Kangnam Hospital to show that she had a confident appearance after cosmetic surgery.

Japanese forum recently had a hot discussion, when a user sends 4 screenshot photo of young girls from a Japanese show and asked them to guess "Which one of them are still in elementary or primary school (age 12)?  I have a challenge for you, can you guess it? Cannot cheating okay! LOL

Japanese real estate company, Leopalace 21 or "レ オ パ レ ス 21" has a creative way to advertise their apartment by using sexy and beautiful aerobic dancer to attract a new tenant. If you want to stay in Japan for the first time or want to stay for a long time and it is difficult to find a place to stay, I think you should try this company. Perhaps they can help you. :P

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother by strangling her to death as he didn’t approve of her being in the glam industry. He confessed, saying, “She wasn’t aware I was killing her. I gave her a tablet and then strangled her.” Waseem also mentioned that he did this as he felt Qandeel had brought “dishonor to the Baloch name”. Qandeel’s body was found in her Multan house, where she had gone to celebrate Eid. Her body had turned a little blue due to asphyxiation.

Hundreds of campers have put their lives at risk by setting up tents on a narrow walkway hanging 1,000 meters on the cliff of Laojun Mountain in central China’s Henan Province. According to local media reports, the campers pulled the stunt to celebrate a local camping festival that started on Saturday. Many considered the idea an opportunity to test one's courage as well as to enjoy the natural sceneries around the mountain.

Green algae has appeared on the beaches of Qingdao, China despite the government's best cleanup efforts, combating the algae that comes from the Yellow Sea is an uphill battle, with algae piling up on the Shandong Province city's beaches. The visitors don't seem to mind one bit and some of them plastering the algae on their bodies, with some going as far as to bury themselves in it entirely.

The man named Calvin has booked a part-time prostituted name Farah Nikmah Ridhallah for the whole night by paying for 4 million rupiah (USD 305), the next morning he asked her to have sex again, but she refused, saying that he is premature ejaculation when making love and no need to do it again in the morning. 

He felt humiliated, embarrassed and hurt by the words of Farah, so he gets angry and then beat and strangled the victim

According to police, the victim has two jobs as a bank employee and part-time prostitute. The woman's body was found near a highway toll in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) North Jakarta.

This Chinese dancer broadcasting her live dance on the net by shaking her booty in front of crowd to gain a lots visitors. Her sexy booty dance attracts a large of a crowd and the authorities too. Unfortunately, The Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau or Chengguan asked the women to stop the party and asked her to leave. Live-streaming hosts, is quite popular in China even the Chinese government tried to crack down these activities to prevent unmoral and trending activities such as eating a banana from Philippines or smash their iPhone maybe? LOL!

A creepy and cool image of two visitors photographed lying on the glass plank using drone can make us say WTF! The Skywalk glass bridge in central China's Hunan Province, opened to the public attracting many tourists to the Wanfo mountain cliff in the province. 

Gulongxia Rafting in southern China has established a bikini lifeguard team to ensure visitors safety while rafting with them. More than 30 lifesaver was attending the training and they must learn martial art skills from Shaolin masters in a week long training before being recruited and must wear bikinis while training. Once hired, the bikini lifesavers will also work as personal companions to help solo tourists enjoy rafting and keep them safety.