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K-Pop Grade 7 Class 1 On Stage Underwear Controversy

Grade 7 Class 1 has now become a hot topic of discussion after the members allegedly wore underwear that was visible due to their dance choreography on stage. Many netizens gathered to discuss whether she was really wearing only her underwear or really short pants.

However, their agency, Different Star Entertainment, released an official statement regarding the stage outfit controversy on July 20th. They explained, “they should have worn [inner pants] no matter what but they found out they forgot them right before recording. [But] they had no choice but to get up on stage”. Group leader, Baek Sehee stated, “I knew that as a rookie group, I couldn’t just do the choreography poorly so I had no time to think about not wearing the inner pants and did the choreography the same as usual.”

I don't know why Korean Netizen fuss about it, as we know the K-Pop girls always dance like a strip club dancer but why the Korean Netizen just silent? So please don't bother they are wearing underwear or not. :P

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K-Pop Bambino Wardrobe Malfunction?

Rookie girl group "Bambino" dance performance has gotten a lot of buzz on internet forums due to the epic wardrobe malfunction when they performed their track “New Thang”. I think that not a wardrobe malfunction, it just only a shadow from her short jeans. I can see she is wearing white underwear if you look closely. You can compare the two videos here.

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Asia Smack Picdump

Just a few interesting photos that I have taken from Google image. Nice

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Japan Bikinis Flash Mob

Dancers wearing new bikinis perform in front of passers-by during a flash mob on the street in Tokyo. Thirty dancers performed at the event organized by the japan Swimsuit Association to promote new swimwears.

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Chinese Bikini Lifeguards

Maybe the tourist gimmick, a few Chinese bikini lifeguards girls appear in the river rafting place in Lian Yun Shan Mountain in Pingjiang, Hunan, China. Those bikini girls sit with tourists in the same raft to protect their safety while the tourist can see bikini lifeguard boobs bouncing. LOL

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Asian Wedding Photo Hairy Armpits

Some people, when the day they get married almost near, the girl will do extra work to shave all the hairy parts on her body? Really? LOL... But some of them don't care about it and shoot their wedding photo without thinking that the photographer will vomit to see her hairy armpit! But who cares, as long they lived happily ever after.

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