A video show a bride was molested by the guest, and some of them said, touching the peanut or nipple of the bride. Maybe this the custom in various regions in China. She looked so scared and try to avoid it, but the guest continues touching her breast and laughing among themselves. Next time, if you wants to marry a Chinese man from China, you need to ask his custom in his area, if not, you will become like this. I felt sorry for her.

A hotel for Muslim travelers has opened near Lake Kawaguchi, a beautiful site at the foot of Mount Fuji. Syariah Hotel Fujisan, located at 401-0301 Yamanashi, Fujikawaguchiko, Funatsu, 6713-1, Japan, which opened late last month in the Yamanashi Prefecture town of Fujikawaguchiko, has a prayer room and offers halal menus for guests. Shigeru Yamashita, president of the hotel operator decided to target Muslim tourists because increasing numbers of visitors to Fujikawaguchiko were from Islamic countries.

Summer in Japan lasts from about June to mid-September, depending on the location. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from approximately 70 to 90 °F (21-33 °C). July and August are typically the hottest and most humid times of the year. Therefore, many of Japanese women, including schoolgirls only wear a thin clothes and uniform to make their body stays cool during this summer season.

Comiket (コミケット), otherwise known as the Comic Market (コミックマーケット), is the world's largest dōjinshi fair, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. The first Comiket was held on December 21, 1975, with only about 32 participating circles and an estimated 600 attendees.Attendance has since swelled to over a half million people. Comiket 90 was held on August 12-14, due to the 'Pokemon Go' game was so popular this year and some of cosplayer dressed Pokemon costume and some of them look funny and hilarious.

China International Digital Entertainment Expo (Chinajoy) started on July 28 - 31 in Shanghai, has been offering a variety of product and also the beautiful showgirls. An interesting photo shows, one beautiful gaming cosplayer has been hugged and kissed by the visitors become viral on the net. I also cannot blame him because this girl is beautiful. The shocking image show that, this girl actually a man! Damn! I wonder how many men are transform become a cosplayer or showgirls in Chinajoy this year.

The annual South Korea Miss Sexy Back Contest 2016 or Sexy Back Contest 2016, has attracted a beautiful and sexy young contestant from all Korea to participate in this contest. The first contest started in 2014, since the first appearance, it gained a lot of media attention and popularity from around the world.

China Joy 2016 gaming expo was held on July 28-31 in Shanghai. To attract a visitor to visit the booths, some of the booth vendors hired several sexy models wearing sexy outfit to lure customers to visit their booth. Unfortunately for this year 2016, the Organisers have adopted a new rule for models taking part to stop them from wearing revealing clothing. The China Joy was criticized by Netizen because the model was showing too much flesh and the visitors have more attracted to the models than the product that they are selling.

SOTUS has been adopted in a large number of Thai universities. It stands for seniority, order, tradition, unity and spirit. SOTUS activities were designed to make first-year students able to sing the university's songs and anthems, plus feel a love for their institute. It would be too bad if first-year students or others complained about SOTUS activities. Some anti SOTUS student said they was not against using SOTUS activities, but the format should change.

A photos from Anti SOTUS Facebook shows us how the activities are run. It's look like army training. Do you think SOTUS is really about developing a sense of harmony among freshies and senior? Or the senior bullies the freshies with the green light from Universities? It's up to you to make the judgement.

Unexpected wardrobe malfunction by the one member AKB48 Team B, Tatsuya Makiho on live show FNS music festival 2016 causing their fanatic fans nose bleeds, even though they knew she didn't show the boobs, but wearing a women's camisole with pad bra, still makes them crazy as hell. This unlucky member group just age 14, immediately buttoned her shirt after one of the members told her.

Unexpected marketing using a young girl wearing a sexy lingerie and holding a banner on the Lexus car cause a mass traffic jam in Saigon street. Many people, especially man are curious to know the ads, follow the car on the crowded street. The banner said Aesthetic Workshop Korean Technology 2016 will be held on 23rd July at Gem Center. Some people said, this girl has done plastic surgery from Kangnam Hospital to show that she had a confident appearance after cosmetic surgery.