K-pop Stellar Sexy Teaser Photos

Popular K-pop Stellar released a new sexy teaser photo for their comeback on January 18th 2016. The groups still retain the concept of sexy in every comeback, and some of their fans' protests because Stellar always come back with a sexy concept. As we know K-pop without sexiness, is not K-pop! LOL:)


▼Beautiful skin

▼Nice Abs

▼If only I could.. 

Do you think K-pop Stellar popular because of their voice, dance or sexiness?

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Girls Of 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon

Over 30,000 visitors visit the Tokyo Auto Salon, actually takes place at the Makuhari Messe convention complex in Chiba Prefecture. The Auto Salon was held on January 15th to 17th, 2016. The Tokyo Auto Salon is all about the aftermarket, making it the place to see Japan’s latest, greatest tuner cars and the best of 2016's car models.

▼Nice pose!

 ▼ Foreign girl also included :)

source : image

Do you think their outfit is showing too much skin?

I prefer they are not wearing any outfits
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Agnes Monica Criticized By Fans Wearing A Transparent Skirt With An Arabic Word

Popular Indonesian singer Agnes Monica criticized by fans after wearing a transparent skirt with an Arabic word on the Concert Raya 21 Indosiar last Monday. Indonesia Entertainment Portal, Smeaker said, Agnes sings her new single, Boy Magnet by spelling 'Al-Mutahiddah' in Arabic which means to unite.

KTZ is sponsoring the Agnes dress on that night and said the Arabic word has nothing to do with the Qur'an . Indonesia, Islamic Counsel when contacted by detikhot, explained that the words were not an insult to Islam.

Do you think her clothing is appropriate to use in the concert?

It's just a cheap gimmick
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The Traditional Chinese Tuhao Wedding

A community in Guangdong was awakened by the sights and sounds of an extravagant wedding ceremony that seemed straight out of a dynasty drama, but it actually turned out to be the real thing. A young gentleman from Macau and suited up like an imperial prince, including a whole contingent of "bodyguards," toward the home of his beloved wife.

The photos showing the insane amount of weight gold trinkets. He brought wedding gifts or dowry totaling 2.8 million yuan (425 thousand dollars)

 ▼I'm rich!

▼ Wow! its so heavy 

The groom buys the gold paying with cash or not?

Cash money
Borrow money from a bank
Fake gold
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