At the first look I thought it was just a swimming suit, but then I realize this is a full body shirt with a long sleeve for female. Some item description from the sales page says that it's come with a long sleeve collar or normal and polyester 39% nylon 33% cotton 21% polyurethane 7%. Simple and easy to wear to the office.

 A restaurant in Shenyang, China has found a solution to help the guests can enjoy the fresh crawfish or lobster without worrying about hand pain because removing the shell by hiring a staff wearing a bikini to help them. Simple and cheap gimmick idea.

A weird image of Taiwanese women who posting her photo on Facebook by using a distorted tools to create her photo to look beautiful while adjusting her waist, eyes, face, legs, arms and boobs, making the Netizen thinking that she is an alien or something. Some of the Netizen said that she was a distorted goddess. Maybe if she didn't use a distorted tool, she will look better than this.

Candidates pose for photographers during the Miss Philippines Earth presentation in Manila, Philippines. Miss Philippines Earth shall be presenting 48 beautiful and inspiring environmental ambassadors from different municipalities and cities in and outside the country . As part of their advocacy to fight climate change through the 5R’s; Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Respect; the delegates had started their community eco activities since March.

A photo shows a Chinese woman urinating without shame on the street at the Dalian railway station even the pedestrians were looking at her cause anger on Chinese Netizen. Some of Netizen raise a question if there are public toilets nearby or this woman is too lazy to go there? 

A Weibo user works as a police officer have uploaded some pictures of herself posing in uniform with shorts pants have made Chinese netizens angry with her picture. One Netizen said that she can't wear a police uniform and put these kind of pictures online. Public Security Bureau of Dandong city in Liaoning province has confirmed that she was fired for disgracing the department with her inappropriate selfies. Following the incident, the woman took down all her posts on Weibo.

Japanese website Bellemaison had sold the the fake nail stocking with a painted of variety nail varnishes design on the toenail. The stockings are available in full-length or knee-high styles with the long stockings retail for 1,620 yen (USD14. 90) and The “short stockings” retail for 1,296 yen (USD11.90)

15 participants have participated in China beauty contest "Miss Star 2016". Maybe to create a gimmick, all participants change bikini on stage while a thin cloth covering the "change room" and we can clearly see their shadows change bikini and attract netizens attention.

From my previous post Asia Smack that I accidentally deleted all of them, damn! Remember the Japanese group "Soror" that doing a catwalk with a bikini when she just 11 years old for Hakata Dontaku 2015 festival? Now she has done it again at age 12 also for Hakata Dontaku 2016 festival. The girl name Nakamura Tina and she look beautiful, gorgeous and grown up. In Japan is quite normal when an idol doing a bikini catwalk or shooting a MV in bikini to promote an album or something.

Alfin Lestari name suddenly becomes popular to Indonesian netizens when she bravely to stop a few of motorbikes from using the pedestrian walk area at peak hours at Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta. The 32-year-old woman did not budge from his position even threatened by a motorcyclist who entered the sidewalk. "I don't care who they are, they already have their own road, but still insist wanted to use the sidewalk," she said. Alfin take his own action because she frustrated with motorists who violate traffic rules.