Gulongxia Rafting in southern China has established a bikini lifeguard team to ensure visitors safety while rafting with them. More than 30 lifesaver was attending the training and they must learn martial art skills from Shaolin masters in a week long training before being recruited and must wear bikinis while training. Once hired, the bikini lifesavers will also work as personal companions to help solo tourists enjoy rafting and keep them safety.

A photos from Chinese social media Weibo make we question about the lifestyle of Chinese students who live in dorms or are they live in a pigsty? So disgusting, I wonder why the dorm administration won't take any action to the student who throw a garbage or maybe they also had a bad habit like them too? I wonder if these students travel around the world and still doing the same thing in another country.

The image shows the Japanese students wearing almost transparent school uniform even though they knew that breaking the rules, but nobody cares about it. When summer, many girls wear almost transparent school uniform because it can reduce the body heat. This is an awaited season for some pervert guy to take a photo while the girls in school or on the beach. The average Japanese summer temperature will range from 20-32 Celsius (that's 68 to 90 Fahrenheit).

 Indonesia Netizen shocked by the video footage from Smule karaoke apps that showing a woman who sang with sleeping position, was seen making love with her partner went viral to all social media networks. The Netizen was furious and denounced this couple because they embarrass the Indonesian people. Some Netizen offer a reward 1 million rupiah (USD 74) for anyone who managed to capture and give information about that couple.

Are you not satisfied with the original onigiri taste and want to add extra flavor to burst your onigiri with a unique flavor?  How about you squeeze the onigiri tightly and firmly into your armpit? Here is a tutorial from Akiko Ooki show how making it and give the unlucky man to taste her armpit onigiri without him knowing it.

At the first look I thought it was just a swimming suit, but then I realize this is a full body shirt with a long sleeve for female. Some item description from the sales page says that it's come with a long sleeve collar or normal and polyester 39% nylon 33% cotton 21% polyurethane 7%. Simple and easy to wear to the office.

 A restaurant in Shenyang, China has found a solution to help the guests can enjoy the fresh crawfish or lobster without worrying about hand pain because removing the shell by hiring a staff wearing a bikini to help them. Simple and cheap gimmick idea.

A weird image of Taiwanese women who posting her photo on Facebook by using a distorted tools to create her photo to look beautiful while adjusting her waist, eyes, face, legs, arms and boobs, making the Netizen thinking that she is an alien or something. Some of the Netizen said that she was a distorted goddess. Maybe if she didn't use a distorted tool, she will look better than this.

Candidates pose for photographers during the Miss Philippines Earth presentation in Manila, Philippines. Miss Philippines Earth shall be presenting 48 beautiful and inspiring environmental ambassadors from different municipalities and cities in and outside the country . As part of their advocacy to fight climate change through the 5R’s; Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Respect; the delegates had started their community eco activities since March.

A photo shows a Chinese woman urinating without shame on the street at the Dalian railway station even the pedestrians were looking at her cause anger on Chinese Netizen. Some of Netizen raise a question if there are public toilets nearby or this woman is too lazy to go there?