This is a beautiful and popular transgender in Thailand. Their beauty can cheat our eyes that they are really a woman, in fact, they all a man and had a weiner before. LOL

Contestants wearing swimsuit pose onstage during the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 coronation night in Pasay City, the Philippines, July 15, 2017. A total of 40 candidates vied for the crown that will represent the country in the 2017 Miss Earth beauty pageant. The winner Miss Philippines Earth 2017 is Karen Ibasco

Asia Smack picdump just for you today.

Gao Qian, 19, height 5ft 7in and weighs 60kg (132lbs) is a winner of "Most Beautiful Buttocks" contest in China. The contest was held in a shopping mall in Shenyang and during the event, some 50 women proudly writhed, wiggled and shook their curvy bottoms to get the attention of seven judges. She said her buttocks are natural and she has never had implants. In daily life, Ms Gao is a part-time personal trainer and a popular vlogger who makes a living by broadcasting her daily activities online.

From facebook Winna Chin, she says everyone doubt what's happening and never read the explanation on the comment. "I didn't confront the guy as I was afraid he would turn violent. However, I did ask the girl to stand up but she chose to only move nearer to her friend and not move away. Her friend slapped the guy's hand after that and he got off at the next station. I'm just trying to spread the awareness here. Thanks for all the comments and shares. Beware of this guy!! Happened in east west line just now. Stupiak guy!!!"

The Ocean World water park has recently celebrated the arrival of summer by inviting K-pop Brave Girls and twin Miss Korea pageants, Kim Min Jung and Kim Na Kyung to the photo day event. All of the members of Brave Girls and Miss Korea pageants wore their favorite bikinis and made sure to show the visitors have a great time with them.

The world of “ishoku-hada” (異色肌), which can mean “unique skin” or even “remarkable skin.” It’s inspired by the otherworldly characters who appear in anime, movies, and video games. Miyako, who works as a DJ and model, came up with the idea to do a ishoku-hada shoot with a bunch of friends at the American Bar & Cafe Ren in Tokyo’s Kabukicho. The result is amazing

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The Rayong Business Administration Technological College (R-TEC)  has held a Miss Mermaid World contest for their female students. They asked the students to design a mermaid outfit using from wasted material. As a result, their outfit looks sexy and attractive and so some of them are showing their cleavage more than ever.

VietJet Air has another extremely impressive promo when 150 beautiful girls just wearing official VietJet Air color, red and yellow bikinis and had a flash mob performances jubilantly at Da Nang beach. With the message "Let's bathe in beautiful costumes". This year's event takes place from 17th to 23rd of June, 2017 at Da Nang's East Sea Park, offering many domestic and international visitor attractions.  The VietJet flash mob attracts thousands of enthusiastic audiences on the beach.

Thai Netizen smile and like this video when two boys had a fight at the school and their teacher punished them by asking them to standing in small square line, hug and kiss on their cheeks non-stop. Damn, they look like a weird couple in love. LOL.

This fake Chinese magician gives a tutorial how to touch a woman's breast in 1 minute without them knowing that he just want to touch their breasts only. He asked the young and attractive women to participate in his fake magic and the result the coin just not disappear but drop on the floor. The innocent woman looks shocked and cannot do anything, because they think he perform a real magic even some of them are not comfortable when his hand touch their breasts.

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For your info, “12 Signs of the Zodiac” was illustrated and post on Twitter user @papao_pao. He is a Japanese anime artist. The lingerie sketches were so beautiful and sexy that immediately caught the attention of Japanese lingerie manufacturer Izumi, who decided to manufacture the sexy lingerie in real life. Each lingerie set retails for ¥ 4,480 (USD 41), except the Pisces design, which retails for ¥ 3,980. To make a purchase, you can go to the official site here.