Unique Signature From Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo (相撲) is originated from Japan and is a popular sport among the Japanese. If you are a sumo wrestler you will be treated like a celebrity here and you will be rich. Not surprisingly, they have many fans who wanted to have their signature. To fulfill their fans' wishes, a popular sumo wrestler gave his fans a unique signature, by pressing their entire hand against sheets of paper instead of merely signing their name because there are too many fans want it.

15 Years Old Pretty Boy From Japan

A 15-year-old Japanese boy named Idegami Baku’s getting a lot of attention of Japanese Netizen when he looks more like a young girl than a boy, and he even sounds like one. He gains an attention after became a finalist in Japan’s popular talent contest JUNON Super Boy who has been offering attractive boys aged between 13 and 28 the chance to fulfill their dreams.

December Picdump

Another lazy picdump this month.

Doraemon Malay Wedding Dress

Newlywed name Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ali @ Abann Dass was posted on his Facebook that he wore a Malay traditional dress called "Baju Melayu" with characters Doraemon and friends has attracted many Netizen and gets almost 500 likes. His wife wedding dress also has Doraemon's as well, but he decided to not to upload the pictures, as requested by his wife

November 11th Is Pocky Day

On November 11th is "Pocky Day" in Japan. Why November 11th? Because the sticks are like the number "1". So the 11th day of the 11th month of the year became Pocky Day. Some people celebrate "Pocky Day" by buying loads of different kinds of pocky sticks, posting it in instagram or twitter, making pocky towers or watching pocky commercials. 

Japanese School Girl Filming Man Jerking Off In Front Of Her

A video uploaded by 5組のみゆき, shows a man masturbating in front of her on the public train. You can see the man using his bag to cover his crotch while he started to pleasuring himself. The second grade high school student name Miyuki, saying that she was alone in the train when the incident took place and she already makes a police report.

Halloween Party Shibuya 2018

No need to describe it further.