Japanese School Girl Filming Man Jerking Off In Front Of Her

A video uploaded by 5組のみゆき, shows a man masturbating in front of her on the public train. You can see the man using his bag to cover his crotch while he started to pleasuring himself. The second grade high school student name Miyuki, saying that she was alone in the train when the incident took place and she already makes a police report.

Halloween Party Shibuya 2018

No need to describe it further.

Excited Picdump

Just another Picdump from Asia today.

Photoshop Or Not?

A photos of Mongolian ethnic costume that was debated whether this photo is Photoshop or not by Netizen. Some of Netizen was believed this is a Photoshop.

Guangxi Media Center Skyscraper Looks Like.. WTF!

China’s Guangxi New Media Center skyscraper was designed from the province’s terraced landscapes. The skyscraper took two years to complete, but the skyscraper has gone viral on social media when the Netizen said the skyscraper looks like a massive penis.

Warm Up Picdump

Another picdump for you today

Beautiful South Korean Booth Girls

Can you guess which one of them had a plastic surgery?