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Young Women Selling Snack With Sexy Dress Makes Her Buyer Nosebleeds

น้อง โอ ลี ฟ, 23 -year -old student turns into a sexy vendor selling sweet snacks with the gimmick of wearing a sexy orange dress. As a result, it attracts many male buyers. She said that she was a student nursing assistant. I wonder how long this cheap gimmick will…

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Zoo In China Force Monkey To Smoke For Anti-Smoking Campaign

A zoo at Hengshui Wildlife Park in Hebei province of northern China, has come under fire after a video showed a baby monkey named Banjin taking a puff of a cigarette as their latest "anti-smoking campaign".

Underwear And Bras Are Scattered On Mount Sanggabuana Which Is Believed To Be Performed For Rituals

Mount Sanggabuana in Karawang, West Java Indonesia, is a favorite place for visitors to throw away their underwear and bras. Perhaps, they believe that this mountain is a sacred place and by throwing on their underwear and bras after certain ceremonies probably their…

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"JC Miss Contest 2021" Has Announced 11 Finalists

"JC Miss Contest 2021" has announced 11 finalists on October 11, 2021. The pageant, which will be held for the fifth time this year on December 12, 2021, is a sister version of the “High School Girl Beauty Pageant”. The pageant is limited to “JC = Girls' …

The Winner Of 2022 Miss Teen Japan Is Just 14 Years Old

The annual Japanese beautiful girl selection contest "2022 MISS TEEN JAPAN"  was held on the October 10, 2021 and the winner is, Ishikawa Hana, 14-year-old junior high school student. She defeated 7,524 girls age between 13-19-year-old to win this contest.

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