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When Your Girlfriend Doesn't Trust You Then "Nailed" It!

Khoirul Anam once went viral in Indonesia at the end of 2020, when he made a banner to accompany a bachelor girl and celebrate the new year with him. Through his banner, Khoirul had found a girlfriend named Intan Shinta.

South Korean Girl's School Uniform Looks Good And Delicious

The short skirt of a South Korean girl's school uniform is quite impressive . Are they still wearing short skirts in class or after class ended , like the Japanese school girls ?

Scary! Life Size Human Scarecrow Doll Conquered The Village

The village is called Nagoro and is located in the Iya Valley, the southern part of Japan became a tourist attraction after being popular with the life size human scarecrow doll.

Don't Be Fooled If The Female Cosplayer Is Beautiful

The 30 -year -old Japanese male cosplayer , named Minato , made all men no longer believe pictures of women in social media are real . By transforming himself into a female character , people do not believe that " she" is ac…

Asia Smack Picdump

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Asia Smack Picdump

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