Girl Gets Head Stuck In Escalator Gap In China

A girl in northeastern China suffered from a injury after getting her head caught between a handrail and a wall while riding an escalator. The incident took place at a shopping mall in Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, according to Eastday.

Millionaire Son Goes To Jail After Spending $36 Million to Satisfy His Girlfriends Desires

Zhang Xiaoen, the son of a successful businessman from Hangzhou, China, is facing prison time after borrowing tens of millions of dollars to satisfy the needs and desires of his beautiful girlfriend named Yang Yizhen. Chinese media reports that over the last two years, Zhang Xiaoen gave his girlfriend with a variety s of expensive presents, from designer clothed and accessories to jewelry, cars and trips to Dubai. 

WTF! Mission: Impossible Fallout Cast Will Appear In Running Man!!

For your info, Running Man is a popular variety show that popular in South Korea and around Asia. With the cast of action blockbuster Mission: Impossible "Fallout”, Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg, they will be going up against the cast of “Running Man” for a special episode. 

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 Cleavage

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 was held at IMPACT Challenger, Nonthaburi, Thailand. One lucky photographer at the event do a sneaky trick by showing them their photos, and at the same time he manages to snap their cleavage Nice trick.

Lazy Picdump Of The Day

Don't worry be happy

Not Afraid of Haters, K-Pop Honey Popcorn Host Fans Meeting in South Korea

Do you still remember from my previous post the controversial girl group called “Honey Popcorn” who was actually a Japanese adult video star and debut their album in South Korea and the Korean Netizen has protested with 24,000 signatures against their debut?

Very Wet Japanese Schoolgirls..Oh La La

 Nope.. Just a photos of a Japanese school girl was wet in a school uniform on rainy day.