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Oh No! This Beautiful Stewardess Is Actually A Man!

Recently, on Japanese social networks, images of a beautiful, doll-like Stewardess have been spread on Japanese social networks. We can see that this Stewardess has an outstanding beauty, although her identity is unknown, this Stewardess has attracted a large number …

50-year-old Man Becomes Beautiful Girl When Using Face App

A 50-year-old Japanese salaryman "transform" his face using "FaceApp" has gained attention because the transformation his face to a woman looks amazing.

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another picdump for you..

PPE Nurses Was Mistaken As Ghosts

The personal protective equipment (PPE) suit is like a shield from COVID-19 and is always worn by hospital staff when handling covid cases.

Asia Smack Picdump

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The Evolution Of Japanese School Girl Uniforms

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