Just another Asia Smack Picdump for month of August. Hope you like it.

As we know Comiket Day 92 has now wrapped up at this moment and will be back again on December 29 - 31 at Tokyo Big Sight. This summer, all cosplayers showed off their stuff once again in a unique outfit of crazy, sexy, beautiful, cute, cool, and sometimes, downright weird and funny too.

From the Facebook จีจี้ ไทเลย, she said, they were shocked when they find lots of bra's and underwear was hanging on his tree. She thinks this is maybe a sacred place for perverts to meditate to achieve his "Chi". To prevent the next bastard following his footstep, they decided to burnt all the bras and underwear, and automatically destroy the evidence who is the thieves and the owner of this bra and underwear too.

An image showing a naughty little brother has taken a photos of his sister's cleavage has shocked the Chinese Netizen. Perhaps, a long journey trip makes her sister was tired and sleeping and the little boy also gets bored and cannot go anywhere or maybe the boy playing Pokemon Go, who knows.. LOL.!

As we know, Japan is still in the summer season, even sometime it's raining. The summer temperature in Japan can rise to 40°C in many places. July and August are typically the hottest and most humid times of the year. Many of Japanese schoolgirls only wear a thin clothes uniform to make their body stays cool during this summer. This is the season for Otaku and perverts are waiting to snap a photo of schoolgirls and bikini girls at the beach or swimming pool.

Three Thai waters, Janjira Jansaka, Nantida Poonyamanoj and Nantarika Pueakkleang was arrested by police. They were arrested for promoting beers in sexy maid outfits at live social media. A statement from the Sarburi police station said: 'The three women were arrested because they wore improper clothes and tried to advertise alcohol, buy one bottle and get one free. Janjira Jansaka admitted the offence and was charged while the other two were released.

Congratulation to Pikotaro or Kazuhito Kosaka has married his 29 year old girlfriend Hitomi Yasueda. Kazuhito Kosaka aged 44 years old, was announcing the marriage on his blog on Friday (Aug 4, 2017). The two became acquainted through work and had been seeing each other since 2013. For your info, the busty model and former race queen Hitomi Yasueda is a gravure idol and her photoshoot in bikini quite awesome.

A classy image of the contestant from Miss Myanmar International 2017 photoshoot take a bath just wearing a sarong surrounded by nature, is to ask the viewer to vote them. Miss Myanmar International 2017 event was held at the Novotel Yangon Hotel, and the winner is Sao Yoon Wadi Oo aged 25.

From David Facebook, he secretly recorded the inappropriate couples actions in the commuter after realizing that he seeing the guy is searching the "Gold" in his girlfriend skirt and the girl seems like enjoying it. After he has done his “job”, he removed his hand and put his finger near her nose and the girl was refusing to sniff his finger and force him to sniff his finger back!! WTF!

This poor Filipino guy tried to kill himself after broken heart with his girlfriend and tried to end his life by sitting in the washing machine. Perhaps using a washing machine in a dry mode, will make him spin till him dizzy and dies? Anyway, for broken heart lovers out there, united we stand, divided our girls we threesome! LOL

Another Asia Smack picdump for you today.

Ding’an County, Hainan Province, China, a video of two teens involved a 16-year-old boy and his five months pregnant girlfriend of the same age marrying each other has been criticism from many netizens. The wedding, however, is not officially recognized under Chinese law, which sets the legal ages that are acceptable for marriage at 22 for men and 20 for women.

Just another Asia Smack picdump, with a special edition of Japanese school girls. Hope you like it.

This is a beautiful and popular transgender in Thailand. Their beauty can cheat our eyes that they are really a woman, in fact, they all a man and had a weiner before. LOL