Forever Alone Crocodile?

Dead crocodiles were found in the river, but Netizen claims it was dying because the crocodile is playing too much by itself alone.

Dirty Housemate

Just wonder how his towel so dirty, rubbing his crotch? LOL! 

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Korean Muscle Barbie

34-year old Yeon-woo Jhi from South Korea is an IFBB Pro female bodybuilder with multiple major titles under her belt. Her body dramatic change 14 years ago when she started going to a gym near her house, hoping to get stronger and to stop feeling weak. Jhi won Arnold Classic Europe Amateur in 2013, and became a pro in 2015.

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Australian Tourist Has Sparked Outrage In Bali By Wearing Ripped Jeans

An Australian tourist has sparked outrage in Bali by wearing a bizarre pair of ripped jeans that showed off her underwear. The video shows the woman peruse handicrafts in a crowded souvenir shop on a busy street. The local said the woman shouldn't have been showing off her backside in public because it's not suitable.

China Plastic Surgery Girl

It’s not a difficult thing to change your face, thanks to the help of technology. However, in china forums recently, some netizens discussed a woman who transforms her face from average to beautiful. Her name is 韓安冉 and born 1999, she became popular in Hunan Satellite TV’s program, saying that when she was young is really difficult her to live, but after surgery, the perfect high nose, big eyes, melon face, fair skin everything has changed.