WTF! Mission: Impossible Fallout Cast Will Appear In Running Man!!

For your info, Running Man is a popular variety show that popular in South Korea and around Asia. With the cast of action blockbuster Mission: Impossible "Fallout”, Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg, they will be going up against the cast of “Running Man” for a special episode. 

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 Cleavage

Bangkok International Auto Salon 2018 was held at IMPACT Challenger, Nonthaburi, Thailand. One lucky photographer at the event do a sneaky trick by showing them their photos, and at the same time he manages to snap their cleavage Nice trick.

Lazy Picdump Of The Day

Don't worry be happy

Not Afraid of Haters, K-Pop Honey Popcorn Host Fans Meeting in South Korea

Do you still remember from my previous post the controversial girl group called “Honey Popcorn” who was actually a Japanese adult video star and debut their album in South Korea and the Korean Netizen has protested with 24,000 signatures against their debut?

Very Wet Japanese Schoolgirls..Oh La La

 Nope.. Just a photos of a Japanese school girl was wet in a school uniform on rainy day.

Trending Chinese Makeup Transformation Before and After

In the modern world, the standards of beauty have become particularly severe for some girls. To achieve that, some of the girls are doing plastic surgery and etc. The latest fashion trends among girls in China, is a photo of their transformation before and after to reveal their true beauty without the makeup in the real world.

Japanese Miniature Art And Dioramas

Tanaka Tatsuya born in Kumamoto in 1981, he is an an art director/miniature photographer based in Kagoshima, Japan. Since April 2011, “MINIATURE CALENDAR,” became popular among Internet users because he has created a tiny diorama and its look amazing.  He was responsible for the miniatures in the opening of the 2017 NHK serial TV novel “Hiyokko.”