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Nursing Home In Taiwan Hiring Stripper In Senior Party

In Taiwan, a stripper was invited to the nursing home, to cheer up the elderly. The girl danced in front of retired servicemen of the local army. The elderly seemed to be very pleased. On the video, you can see how the girl is dancing, and both elderly and the staff …

Soda Drinks Taste Like Dumplings And Buyers Hate It But Love It

Japanese manufacture sells a "dumpling soda" that the drink will  taste of fried dumplings or gazoya. Although many people are curious the taste, the taste is unacceptable to most people who love dumpling.

Japanese Papercraft Artis Created Nintendo's Family Computer Including Detailed Circuit Board

Japanese artist 小坂学 Manabu Kosaka (@coca1127) created a Famicom game console just using a paper. He creates astonishing life-sized sculptures in painstaking detail that I should say amazing!

Interesting Photos About Japan

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Drivers In Japan Parking In The Bicycle Lane

In Japan some road users still do not understand what is a blue lane is? In Japan the blue lane is a lane for bicycle use only. Maybe the road is so narrow is the reason why they have to park there?

Food Hospitals In Japan

There are various differences in food based on the health of the patient but some foods look good as well. Do you like hospital food?

Chinese Groom Kicks His Wife's Ex-Boyfriend For Crying On His Wife Lap

When visiting your ex -lover who is getting married, don't cry in front of their husband or wife, because of course in their hearts they feel uncomfortable too. Don’t think about yourself and be selfish, think also about the feelings of the groom and bride's …

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