Japanese Cleavage Waitress To Promote Limited Edition New Ramen

Many Netizen talks about this ramen shop in Akihabara that hired the female employees by showing their cleavage. They are hired to promote a new ramen, Chichi Yarou Ramen [乳野郎ラーメン]. The promotion will last for 3 days only. The waitress dress in a sexy uniform because the shop has collaborated with the Senran Kagura series "Peach Ball". 

Ahegao Face Challenge Vol.3

Just another Ahegao face challenge for you today.

Wonder Festival 2018 Summer Cosplay

Wonder Festival 2018 Summer was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on Jul. 29 with an admission fee of 2,500 yen (USD 23) per person. The event main focus is to display and sell "garage kits", which are sculptures that usually replicate anime and game characters.

Winner Japanese Miss Magazine 2018 And Future Gravure Idol Is Just 15 Years Old

The contest of "Miss Magazine 2018" which was revived for the first time in seven years finally had a winner. Among the 2893 entries, the winner is Sawaguchi Aika 沢口 愛華, from idol unit Dela. She was born on 24th February 2003, and she is 154 centimeters height with a body ratio B 88 - W 60 - H 85 cm. 

Miss Fitness Angel Japan 2018

As you know in South Korea, they have a Miss Sexy Back contest, but In Japan they also have Miss Fitness Angel similar like Brazil Miss Bum Bum, means the winner is chosen from healthy lifestyle through 'training the hips to create the perfect ass'. The Fitness Angel Show, was held at Tokyo's Big Sight venue.

Heat Wave Picdump

Sorry guys, the weather is hot here, therefore I will update as soon as possible.

The Steak House Promotional Gimmick By Hiring A Sexy Waitress

Nowadays, in order to attract a new customers to come to the restaurant, there are new promotional tricks that are used. In Taichung, Taiwan, a steak house does a promotional gimmick by hiring a sexy waitress and it is a very effective trick to get attention from Netizen.