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Another Asia Smack Picdump for you today.

MasterChef Roasted Over Malaysia Rendang Dish

It's funny when a person who are master in cooking does not know the real taste of another country cuisine and give a statement that they know everything. This happened to Judge John Torode and Gregg Wallace said Bristol-based Zaleha Kadir Olpin's chicken Rendang needed "crispy" skin.

A Woman Taking A Pee In The Subway?

Recently, a Hong Kong Netizen was posting a picture on the Facebook and said that when he took the subway in Hong Kong, he was shocked to see a young woman probably taking a pee in the subway. He said that he did not want to judge, but he felt very sad.

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another Asia Smack picdump for the end of this month.

Hauptharmonie Japanese Girls Rock Idols With A Fancy Night Event!

If you are fans of J-Pop music, you must be familiar with the words "fans handshake event". A special handshake event by a group Hauptharmonie (ハウプトハルモニー) to gain and appreciate the fans who loyally for buying their albums become a hot topic by Netizen because the event are totally different from the usual handshake event by other Japanese Idol groups.

Ahegao Face Challenge Part 2

If you want to know what "Ahegao" means and miss my previous post, you can click on this link.

Finally Japanese AV K-Pop Group “Honey Popcorn” Has Just Debuted

The controversial girl group named “Honey Popcorn” began when a group of Netizens had protested against their debut because all three members are adult film actresses from Japan. More than 24,000 signatures protested against their debut. 

The 14th Nipponbashi Street Festa 2018 Cosplayer

The streets of Nipponbashi in Osaka are closed to traffic for one of the biggest Cosplay event in Japan, the 14th Nipponbashi Street Festa 2018. The event was held on March 18, 2018 @ 11:00 – 17:00 and attracted over 200,000 people get together every year. More than 10,000 cosplayers from around the country was participating in this event. Nipponbashi (日本橋) is a shopping district of Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Japan. It also knows colloquially as "Den-Den Town".

Chinese Blogger Arrested After Offered Free Sex And 3000 Horny Man Turned Up

A 19 year old Chinese blogger Qianjin Yeye @ Ye Mouyi has been arrested after offering free sex to her followers and gave out her room number "6316" as well at Hilton Hotel in Sanya City’s Haitang Bay in China’s southern Hainan Province. The sexy post shows that she was wearing a bikini, quickly began trending online, with a title: ‘Somebody come get me… sex… for free… 6316.’ The rumors said 3,000 people showed up at the Hilton in response to the blogger’s offer.

Sexy Follower In Temple

When you are in a sacred place like a temple, church or mosque, you must wear a proper attire to show that you respect the religions. Anyway, some of the follower, are not sensitive by wearing a sexy outfit even the notice board said wear a proper attire when enter the temple. 

Asia Smack Picdump

Just another Asia Smack Picdump for the month of march.

Asia Smack Picdump

Another Picdump for you today. Happy Valentine's Day to "" loyal visitors.

This Photos Causing Thai Coffee Shop Owner May Faces Jail

Thai model named Arisa Suwannawong who posing in sexy outfit by wearing underwear and barista apron in a Nina coffee shop in the Chon Buri’s Sattahip district in an attempt to attract more customers and help out the shop’s owner, triggered a storm of criticism from Netizen. Some of Netizen asking whether the coffee shop owner to promote coffee shop or a brothel? 

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018. Is About Cars And Girls!

The Tokyo Auto Salon (東京オートサロン Tokyo Ōto Saron) was held on January 12,13 and 14, 2018 at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for Performance and custom dress-up parts and technology display. Hosted by the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC).