Actors Told His Ex Wife Vagina Smell Like Salted Fish

An Indonesian actor Galih Ginanjar spoke about his sexual experience with his an actress ex-wife, Fairuz A in YouTube channel Rey Utami & Benua, on Jun 16, 2019. The actor claimed he could not enjoy the intercourse with Fairuz and it only took 15 minutes is the longest. He said the smell of his ex wife vagina is like a salted fish. He didn't complaint directly to Fairuz. But he tried to bring the ex-wife to see a doctor for treatment.

Fairuz and her new husband, actor Sonny Septian, filed a police report against Galih and Rey on 1 July for spreading "immoral content". In a statement read to reporters by her sister, Fairuz said she was badly hurt as well as all Indonesian women, and they have brought great shame to my husband and my family.

Fairuz's police report against Galih falls under Article 29 verse 1 UU ITE. If found guilty, the actor may face up to six years imprisonment.


Galih Ginanjar, and the owners of the YouTube channel were the remarks were made – Rey Utami and her husband Pablo Benua – were charged with three alternative articles on immorality, humiliation, and defamation under Indonesia’s Information and Electronic Transactions Act. Judge Agus Widodo sentenced Galih to 2 years and 4 months behind bars, while Utami got one year and four months, and her husband one year and 8 months. The defendants’ attorneys said they might consider appealing the sentences.

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