Millionaire Son Goes To Jail After Spending $36 Million to Satisfy His Girlfriends Desires

July 18, 2018 0 Comments

Zhang Xiaoen, the son of a successful businessman from Hangzhou, China, is facing prison time after borrowing tens of millions of dollars to satisfy the needs and desires of his beautiful girlfriend named Yang Yizhen. Chinese media reports that over the last two years, Zhang Xiaoen gave his girlfriend with a variety s of expensive presents, from designer clothed and accessories to jewelry, cars and trips to Dubai. 

To keep up with the constant expenses, the 29-year-old reportedly squandered 70 million yuan ($10.5 million) of his father’s company money, and then started borrowing more money from his rich friends so he could gamble and win his father’s money back. Instead of winning back the 70 million yuan, he ended up losing another 170 million yuan ($25.4 million) of his lenders’ money. Unable to pay back his debts, the young man was reported to the police and eventually arrested.

Charged with fraud, Zhang Xiaoen admitted to poor management of his finances, but also blamed his girlfriend for ending up in such a poor situation. During a court hearing, he said that Yang Yizhen often accompanied him to Macau and also encouraged him to gamble.

After Zhang was arrested, his girlfriend, not only abandoned him, but also started collaborating with prosecutors to build the case against him. She stopped mentioning him completely on social media, and reportedly started posting photos of herself with other men.


Are you willing to spend all your money and go to jail if you have a girlfriend like this?