Japanese Women Travelers To India Were Harassed At The India Festival


The 22-year-old female tourist from Japan in the film was continuously harassed by several men at the Holi festival venue.

More than 4 men surrounded her, not only spraying color paint, but even took the opportunity to reach out and touch and hug the woman, making the Japanese woman in a state of fright and screaming, and even slapped.

Although she kept resisting, the Indian men next to her ignored her at all, and kept splashing paint and liquid on her, and some even hit her with egg yolk on her head, or took the opportunity to grab her arm, hug her from behind and other physical contact. While the other Indian onlooker who was there, just looked the guys harassed the girl like an idiot person.

It angered a large number of foreign netizens and asked the police to arrest the rude men who harass her in the video. The India police have not yet received a complaint from the young Japanese woman in the video.


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