Girl Bar Was Complained By The Neighbors After The Bar Employee Was Dressed Like A Sexy Bunny


Girl's Bar "Bunny Flash (バニーフラッシュ)" located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan is famous for its bunnies accompanying drinks. Most of the female employees in the store are in their early 20s, and they all wear net stockings and one-piece bunny outfits.

However, "Bunny Flash" caused dissatisfaction among the people around. Because the shop has a large clear glass wall, you can clearly see the view inside the bar from outside. The store is located just outside the West Exit (North Exit) of JR Ikebukuro Station caused many passers-by including school students walking their way to school can see the bunny's walking and entertaining customers even in daytime. 

Girls bars are a business model where female employees serve customers over the counter. A unique feature of this bar was that the women were dressed as bunny girls in many colors. In addition to eating and drinking, customers sometimes put a 1000 yen tip between the bunny's cleavage and thighs.

Since last fall, residents have reported the case to the police and asked for strict action. After raiding the shop, the police arrested the manager and found that the bar had only obtained a license to sell alcoholic beverages, but not a license for 'entertainment acts' such as cabaret clubs. Due to the raid, the shop was temporarily closed.

Temporary closing notice

The Bunny Flash employees

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