Vietnam's Beauty Queen Under Fire For Dressing 'Inappropriately' And Too Sexy


Organizers of the Miss Vietnam 2022 pageant have been forced to apologize after Phương Anh wore an "inappropriate" see-through yellow dress whose sheer fabric exposed her body on stage.

She was on stage to present the runner-up to Trịnh Thùy Linh. Phương Anh, the 2020 runner-up, claimed to be "ashamed" of the outfit and hoped the pageant contestants "learned their lesson" after the show.

Organizers of the event, apologized to angry fans over the controversial dress, blame the light were not all on during the rehearsals, which meant they didn't see a problem with the dresses.

People flooded Twitter and Facebook to complain about the dress, while others defense Phương Anh. One said: "This outfit is not even suitable for a beauty contest." Another added: "Not looking good on TV. She should be more careful next time."

However, a third commented: "She's wearing a bodysuit underneath instead of underwear so I don't see anything inappropriate." and "People are overreacting. I think the organizers are also to blame for this incident. They had a team monitoring the costumes and still let this happen."

The full video Miss Vietnam 2022

After the show

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