Nakamura Tina Sexy Angels From Japan

May 13, 2018 , 0 Comments

Are you still remembering Nakamura Tina? A young girl age 11 do a bikini catwalk at Hakata Dontaku Festival in 2015? Sadly for this year 2018, she isn't performing any bikini catwalk or sexy dance, and we will miss that.

What happened with Lips of an Angel Group? As far I know, she went holiday with her family and not perform any show on Hakata Dontaku Festival 2018. Did she quit from singing or waiting a new opportunity?

For who miss her, I present an old photo of her for you to adore, kiss and fantasy until 2019 and finger cross hoping she comes back for bikini catwalk next year.. Damn pervert! LOL!

Open vote from Asia Smack visitors to Nakamura Tina ❤❤❤

Please do a bikini catwalk
Please do a bikini phtotshoot and video
Please keep singing and perform a sexy dance
What the F*ck I'm voting for!

Nakamura Tina reply...

Yes, I will do bikini catwalk and videos
No, I won't do it!
Go to hell all Asia Smack pervert visitors!

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