Hauptharmonie Japanese Girls Rock Idols With A Fancy Night Event!

March 29, 2018 , 0 Comments

If you are fans of J-Pop music, you must be familiar with the words "fans handshake event". A special handshake event by a group Hauptharmonie (ハウプトハルモニー) to gain and appreciate the fans who loyally for buying their albums become a hot topic by Netizen because the event are totally different from the usual handshake event by other Japanese Idol groups.

To enter a special handshake, the fans must have a special ticket by buying an album and you will get 2 tickets.

The price of an album is 2,000 yen (USD 19) which means to participate the handshake events, the fans only paid 4,000 yen. If you have 4 or more special tickets in hand, you can go to the stage to participate in a handshake, but not all the fans will join them on the stage. If not, the idols will die of tiredness.

The controversy began when Netizen condemned when the idol was sleeping with a fan by biting a condom. Some of them say this is not a good example to show for the younger generation.


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