Finally Japanese AV K-Pop Group “Honey Popcorn” Has Just Debuted

March 24, 2018 0 Comments

The controversial girl group named “Honey Popcorn” began when a group of Netizens had protested against their debut because all three members are adult film actresses from Japan. More than 24,000 signatures protested against their debut. 

The trio of sexy AV stars makes their professional debut on March 21st at South Korea. The group performed “Bibidi Babidi Boo”, the title track from their debut album. Clearly the three ladies have experience in music and can sing because they are former from the popular Japanese group.

Actually, I have no idea how long-lived this group will survive. In their debut shows they just dress not a sexy dress like other K-pop groups who like to reveal as much as legally possible in Korea. If we want to compare which K-pop group is showing more flesh, these three girls have already won because they have shown us everything they have with us on their AV movies. Damn!

All three members are:

Momona Kito is a former member of SKE48 who went into adult movies under the performer name Yua Mikami.

Name: Yua Mikami 

DOB: 8/16/93 

Birthplace: Aichi 

Sign: Leo 

Blood Type: A 

Height: 159 cm

Risako Okada is a former member of NMB48 who went into adult movies in 2017 under the performer name Miko Matsuda.

Name: Matsuda Miko

Height: 157cm

DOB: 10/28/95 

Sign: Scorpio 

Moko Sakura is a former member of Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome who went into adult movies in 2017 under the performer name Yu Ito.

Name: Moko Sakura

Birthday: 3/19/91 

Birthplace: Saitama 

Sign: Pisces 

Blood Type: B 

Height: 153cm

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