Bikini Restaurant Was Forced Down To Close By Netizen

December 09, 2017 0 Comments

Barbecue restaurant named「唛嘻哒」in Shanghai has hired a staffs wearing a bikini to attract customer to visit the restaurant. In the advertisement, the restaurant allowed the customer to take a photo with their staff in bikini. This promotional tactic has attracted many customers. Despite the recent cold weather, the staff still wearing a bikini to serve customers. The bikinis staff are reluctant to disclose their "social status" and when asked if their salaries are extremely high, they only respond with "not too much".

However, this restaurant has been condemned in the internet, the Netizen argue whether the staff is cold in the winter because they just wearing a bikini. Some of them asked the owner, did he sells barbeque or human meat? And some of them asked the Shanghai authorities to close down the restaurant. After receiving negative comment, without warning this restaurant has been closed.

The restaurant closed notice.

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