Pikotaro Married To Gravure Idol Hitomi Yasueda

August 05, 2017 0 Comments

Congratulation to Pikotaro or Kazuhito Kosaka has married his 29 year old girlfriend Hitomi Yasueda. Kazuhito Kosaka aged 44 years old, was announcing the marriage on his blog on Friday (Aug 4, 2017). The two became acquainted through work and had been seeing each other since 2013. For your info, the busty model and former race queen Hitomi Yasueda is a gravure idol and her photoshoot in bikini quite awesome.

Pikotaro and his wife from Daimaou Kosaka's blog.

What is gravure idol? In Japan, its refer to a Japanese female model who primarily models in magazines, especially those marketed to men, photo books, or DVDs. Gravure idols, in most cases, emphasize their sexual attractiveness and often model in swimsuits.

Hitomi Yasueda in bikini

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