12 Signs Of The Zodiac Anime Lingerie From Japan

For your info, “12 Signs of the Zodiac” was illustrated and post on Twitter user @papao_pao. He is a Japanese anime artist. The lingerie sketches were so beautiful and sexy that immediately caught the attention of Japanese lingerie manufacturer Izumi, who decided to manufacture the sexy lingerie in real life. Each lingerie set retails for ¥ 4,480 (USD 41), except the Pisces design, which retails for ¥ 3,980. To make a purchase, you can go to the official site here.

♒ Aquarius

♈ Aries

♋ Cancer

♊ Gemini

♌ Leo

♎ Libra

♓ Pisces

♐ Sagittarius

♏ Scorpio

♉ Taurus

♍ Virgo

♑ Capricorn



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