Nakamura Tina Sexy Live Concert

The 13 years old Japanese idol Nakamura Tina (仲村星虹), who is known, especially for her beauty in bikini catwalk, performed live concert with a new group called Lips of an Angel in Hakata Dontaku 2017 Festival . Sadly, no bikini catwalk from her this year. The new group Lips of an Angel all of them look the same age with her and performed with a red bra and short black pants. Maybe this is a new trademark of this group, "Sexiness"? I wonder what happen to Soror Babies? Did she is a permanent or temporary in this group? Wait and see. Hopefully seeing her more often and more bikini catwalk from her soon.

Lips of an Angel Group (Damn Hot!)


Are you sad because Nakamura Tina not doing bikini catwalk this year?

I want to see "Lips of an Angel" member to wear a bikini for catwalk


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