Popular Korean Celebrities Who Were Underage

December 21, 2016 0 Comments

Most K-pop and Korean drama celebrity was a teenager, but some of them are minors. However, their appearance when in public or on stage sometimes looks too sexy for netizens and make their nose bleed.

Kim Do-yeon, Born: December 4, 1999 (age 17)

Jeon So-mi, Born: March 9, 2001 (age 15)

 Chou Tzu-Yu or Tzuyu is from Taiwan, Born: June 14, 1999 (age 17)

Kim Yoo-jung, Born: September 22, 1999 (age 17)

[The above image was taken from Korea mini series “Love in the Moonlight”]

Kim Yoo-jung twerks at her school festival at age 15

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