Miss Teen Japan 2017 Winner Just Age 12 Years Old

September 20, 2016 , 0 Comments

As we know, many Japanese netizens questioned the qualification of Miss Japan who was won by Priyanka Yoshikawa. Priyanka was bi-racial half-Indian and Japanese.  But now, they have shut their mouth when seeing a beautiful girl has won the title of Miss Teen Japan 2017 and she's just 12 years old. Her named is Itose Nanayo (糸瀬 七葉), height 159cm, weight only 33kg and was born in December 31, 2003. More than 4000 contestant age between 13 to 17 years old applies to participate this event.

But there is also a rumor that she is also bi-racial Japanese and Philippines because her skin look slightly tanned than the average Japanese teenager skin. Some netizens said that her skin was slightly tanned because she spend a summer in the beach and her skin was burned. This rumor is still a mystery.

For me, it's not matter as long as they represent Japan and win the title. There are also an actress and model like Elaiza Ikeda (池田 エライザ) also bi-racial Japan and Philippines, and she is very beautiful and sexy. Damn hot.

 ▼Elaiza Ikeda


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