Prostitute Was Murdered After Saying Her Customer Is Premature Ejaculation

July 15, 2016 , 0 Comments

The man named Calvin has booked a part-time prostituted name Farah Nikmah Ridhallah for the whole night by paying for 4 million rupiah (USD 305), the next morning he asked her to have sex again, but she refused, saying that he is premature ejaculation when making love and no need to do it again in the morning. 

He felt humiliated, embarrassed and hurt by the words of Farah, so he gets angry and then beat and strangled the victim

According to police, the victim has two jobs as a bank employee and part-time prostitute. The woman's body was found near a highway toll in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) North Jakarta.

▼ CCTV showing the killer put the victim body in the box.


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