Chinese Booty Dancers Dancing On The Street

This Chinese dancer broadcasting her live dance on the net by shaking her booty in front of crowd to gain a lots visitors. Her sexy booty dance attracts a large of a crowd and the authorities too. Unfortunately, The Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau or Chengguan asked the women to stop the party and asked her to leave. Live-streaming hosts, is quite popular in China even the Chinese government tried to crack down these activities to prevent unmoral and trending activities such as eating a banana from Philippines or smash their iPhone maybe? LOL!

▼ Go, go.. iPhone are not allowed here, that American brand.

Some of Chinese showing patriotism by boycott product from Philippine and America after the Hague tribunal rejects Beijing's claims in South China Sea. Some of them smashing their iPhone. What do you think their acts is good enough?

Good people
Stupid people
Who cares, the whole world know the Chinese bad attitude
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