Japanese Idol 'Soror' Bikini Catwalk

From my previous post Asia Smack that I accidentally deleted all of them, damn! Remember the Japanese group "Soror" that doing a catwalk with a bikini when she just 11 years old for Hakata Dontaku 2015 festival? Now she has done it again at age 12 also for Hakata Dontaku 2016 festival. The girl name Nakamura Tina and she look beautiful, gorgeous and grown up. In Japan is quite normal when an idol doing a bikini catwalk or shooting a MV in bikini to promote an album or something.

▼ Bikini Catwalk 2016

▼ Bikini Catwalk 2015

They are (refer the pic above~ 2015) -Arita Aki (rarai) (pink) age 10 -Yamaguchi Yukaridan (blue) age 7 -Nakamura tina (red) age 11 -Yamaguchi Murasakihime age 5 (yunon) (orange) - Kikuchi Arisa (purple).

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  1. >^_^< Absolutely lovely. Such beauty and grace. Previous commenter is jealous old woman!!!