Armpit Onigiri

Are you not satisfied with the original onigiri taste and want to add extra flavor to burst your onigiri with a unique flavor?  How about you squeeze the onigiri tightly and firmly into your armpit? Here is a tutorial from Akiko Ooki how to making armpit onigiri and give to the unlucky man to taste her armpit onigiri without he knowing it.

▼First, prepare all the ingredients.

▼ Wipe armpit gently with a tissue in order to prevent potential food poisoning and sour taste.

▼ Squeeze the onigiri tightly and firmly into armpit.

▼ If you feel ticklish in your armpit, please ignore it.

Perfect shape even you are using your armpit.

Clean the remains of rice in your armpit, do not waste it.

▼ Her victims

▼ Hmm..yummy, I wonder why this onigiri is so delicious??

▼ I'm squeezing onigiri using my armpit, it taste salty and sour right?... WHAT!!?

▼ Do you want to try it too?


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