A Bizzare India Traditions, Rolling In Cow Dung!

A unique and bizzare traditions takes place in a village in India called Betul, in Madhya Pradesh. The villager believes, if they smear the whole body with cow dung, the good luck will come to them and it also gives a healthy life.

▼ Happy children

The parents help their children

This practice include to the babies as young aged one year old. They believe if the young child smearing with cow dung, it will help them to have a healthy and good life and prevent disease too. This tradition started after a day of Diwali, also know "The festival of lights" and it was celebrated most of Hindus follower and it considers the largest festival in India.

In Hinduism, the cow is considered the most sacred animals. That's why we can see so many cows relaxing, walking without any disturbance in India. A lot Hindu preachers and believers, believe, if they drink or shower with cow dung or cow urine will give them a good health and some of them believe it can cure cancer.

Before the unique and bizarre ceremony to take place, everyone in the village to collect the "purity" cow dung in many places and stores it in large piles. The unique and bizarre ceremony begins after prayers to the god, and the people start smearing and rolling their children in the pool of cow dung. The most of the kids scream and cry when dipped in the cow dung.

For us, that maybe disgusting, but for them this is a holy tradition that they followed till today.

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