Long Arms Selfie Sticks From Japan

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When you travel alone, it is quite embarrassing if you snap a picture of you alone. Your act, maybe will look like an idiot by the public when you make strange poses. To solve this matter, you need normal people to help you to snap a picture, but you might be so embarrassed to ask the public because you are super handsome or too pretty hence people will vomit blood after they saw your face. LOL!

▼The blueprint?
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 ▼Mysterious hands from love doll?
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 Wow! That was so long.
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Therefore selfie stick is super popular, especially for forever alone tourist or traveler when they travel to foreign countries and to "show off" their picture in the Instagram or Facebook said that they already went there and blah blah.. Using selfie stick is quite embarrassing if your shyness level max to the WTF level.

▼Standby mode.
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 ▼Selfie mode.
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 ▼Weird mode.
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A forever alone genius name Mansun from Japan, just create an unbelievable long selfie stick know as "selfie arms" for perfect and unique self photo without embarrassing himself. His selfie arms who looks ridiculous were built by attaching a selfie stick and a weird flexible plastic hand. He hid the selfie stick under his modified long hand shirt. It looks like an octopus hand, if we look closely.

I'm so damned handsome too.
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 ▼WTF is that?
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 I'm the new "Fantastic 4" plastic man.
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His invention got an " A+" when he tried out his long selfie arm in public and no one was noticed! Really? If no one didn’t notice his invention, why I made a story about his invention in Asia Smack? I think maybe the public so scary to ask him because he is mad or a mysterious serial killer. Kidding.

Source: omocoro.jp
Image : omocoro.jp

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