Funny Japanese Otaku And His Doll

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Otaku (Japan word) is meant for someone who is really fanatic and crazy with the game, anime, computer or certain items that affect their social life. Most Otaku comes from Japan, others otaku come from foreign countries. Some of them, love and fanatic an item or anime merchandise, and not a  ashamed to show their interest, although there are people around them.

▼"Stay still, somebody was taking our photos"
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▼"Damn, I'm so tired to serve you my love, Zzzz...."
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From a twitter toto_sh1, an interesting and weird Otaku photo and his inflated doll, was travelling to Asakusa using a subway train and have an unforgettable moment forever through his journey to that place. Maybe they are a coolest couple was celebrating a unique, private and special anniversary together.
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After they arrived at Asuksa, they did all the tourist activities, such as taking a picture, taking Japanese rickshaw, enjoy delicious and tasty ice cream and asked the popular caricatures artist  to draw their caricatures.

▼"I'll quit my job if I met with them again"
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▼"I love you so much, plastic"
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▼"They are the weird couple that I've ever drawn in 2015"
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Unfortunately, after having a happy and unforgettable memories with his beautiful doll, this Otaku forget to blow an air to his doll and the happy ending turn to disaster ending. So sad.

▼"'re not my father Darth Vader!"
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Source :  twitter via toto_sh1
Image:  twitter toto_sh1

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